Fast Consecration 2016

I consecrate myself to this month of Prayer and Fasting; spirit, soul and body. I release my faith that I receive the rewards of this fast openly – the rewards of salvation, healing, prosperity, restoration, the manifestations of the glory of the Lord. I declare this year to be a year of Abundant Overflow for me personally and for Citygate Church.

I devote myself to the Lord, to seeking first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, to loving and serving the Church, to prayer, to praise and worship, to giving financially, meeting the needs of Citygate Church and people’s individual needs, and to being an instrument of salvation to those who don’t yet know the Lord:

According to Isaiah 58, this is the fast the Lord has chosen, therefore I declare in Jesus’ name the fulfillment of God’s Word for my life and for Citygate Church in 2016:

Bonds of wickedness will be loosed; heavy burdens will be undone; the oppressed shall go free and every yoke will be broken.

I will share my bread with the hungry; help the poor; clothe the naked and provide for my own family.

I declare that my light shall break forth like the morning; my healing shall spring forth speedily; my righteousness shall go before me; the Glory of the Lord shall be my rear guard and the Lord will answer my cries with “Here I Am”.

I will take away the yoke from my midst; the pointing of my finger in judgment and the speaking of wickedness.

My light shall dawn in the darkness, and my darkness will be as the noon day sun.

The Lord shall guide me continually; satisfy my soul in drought; strengthen my bones, and I shall be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water who’s waters do not fail.

People from within Citygate shall build the old waste places and raise up the foundations in London of many generations. We shall be called the repairer of the breach and the restorer of the streets in London.

Instead of shame, I believe I receive double honour, and instead of confusion, I rejoice in my inheritance from the Lord. I declare that I shall possess double in my land and everlasting joy belongs to me.

I declare that as I diligently seek and obey the Lord, I will live in, walk in, and be overtaken by, all the Blessings which belong to me because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and my New Birth: I am blessed in the city, in the country, in my body and in my job. I am blessed as I go in and as I go out.

My enemies shall be defeated before my face and flee from me. I declare that Satan and all his purposes and plans are trampled under my feet – Sickness is under my feet; doubt is under my feet; jealousy is under my feet; poverty and lack is under my feet; unforgiveness is under my feet; rejection is under my feet. I declare that today I am free in every area of my life because my life is hidden with Christ in God.

The Lord will command the blessing on me financially; on my bank accounts; current accounts; savings accounts; pensions; investments and financial harvests, and in everything I put my hand to. I yield my finance to God as good seed to be sown into good ground which will yield the hundredfold harvest to me. I declare that I multiply in material goods, in my family life and in my spiritually relationship with God.

I declare that the Heavens are open over my life and over Citygate Church. I am the head and not the tail. I am above only and shall never be beneath any situation.

I yield my heart to release the rivers of the Spirit; I yield my mind to think the thoughts of God; I yield my body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit as an instrument of righteousness, holiness and praise; I yield my eyes to only look upon holiness; I yield my mouth to only speak that which God can anoint; 

We agree together and therefore declare in Jesus’ name that 2016 is a Year of Enlargement and Abundance for Citygate Church where we "Pursue, Overtake and Recover All" that God has given to us; spiritually, in mind, will and emotions; physically; financially and relationally. We will run the race to win, fight the good fight; push back the darkness and see the Kingdom of God forcefully advance in Jesus’ Name, AMEN!!

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